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Fancy a summer school?

Belfast Academy of Marketing are delighted to be able to always support students when & how it suits them. With work maybe a bit quieter over the summer months why not take advantage of our summer classes?

This summer we are offering live classes on both the Level 4 & Level 6 CIM Qualifications:

CIM Level 4 Award in Customer Insights – 2 & 3 July 2021

“Customer loyalty, the customer/user experience and customer insight are the core of achieving optimum satisfaction and retention. This module gives you an understanding of the contemporary customer’s complex needs and wants, their behaviour as consumers and how this sets their expectations. You will learn how to gain the insight required to understand those needs and map the journey to ultimately improve their experience.”

CIM Level 6 Award in Resource Management – 13, 14 & 21 August 2021

“This module enables you to adopt a strategic approach to the implementation of marketing plans to meet marketing and business objectives. You will be able to deploy a full range of resources to optimise marketing results in an efficient and effective manner.

Finally, you will gain the knowledge and skills to manage finances, which are essential in ensuring a return on the marketing investment, made within your organisation.”

CIM Level 6 Award in Managing Brands – 13, 14 & 21 August 2021

“This module enables you to take a strategic approach to branding at a product/service level so that it is consistent with the corporate brand and impacts reputation positively. You will gain the skills to establish and position brand strategy, and also manage the brand so it continues to deliver the brand promise. You will also be able to ensure the success of the brand through adequate resourcing and monitor and maintain the brand in the long term.”

If you want to study any of our other CIM Awards you can start today using our virtual learning options. For more information or booking email us on

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