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CIM Level 4 Certificates

A Level 4 qualification is for those who already have some knowledge of marketing in a professional setting.


If you have a marketing degree and are new to a marketing role or if you have been working in marketing for a number of years and want a qualification to support your experience this could be the level for you.


Find out more about CIM Class Dates here

cim qualification

Length of time to study:

1 module = 3 months

3 modules = 12 months

Read more about the different modules and qualifications here:

Digital Qualification

Non-Digital Qualification

About the course

If you’re in a marketing assistant role or want to move into one after finishing your degree then the CIM level 4 qualification is for you. A CIM qualification at Level 4 builds on your tactical marketing skills enabling you to advance your marketing career and perform professionally at an operational level within your marketing department. 

These qualifications are aimed at those who are working in supporting marketing roles, usually within the marketing function, but also targets individuals in more senior roles, particularly in SMEs, where marketing is only part of what they do. 

With Belfast Academy of Marketing you have the choice to join one of our classes (in-person or remotely) or study at home with our distance learning options.

You can study in bite-size awards choosing just one module, or study 3 modules (2 mandatory plus 1 elective) to gain a full certificate.