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Belfast Telegraph Business Awards 2021

This was the year where we wanted to be part of the action. It’s the year that means the most when it comes to celebrating achievements. So, we were delighted at the opportunity to sponsor the Belfast Telegraph Business Awards 2021, Excellence in Marketing Award.

Whilst on the face of it the award itself is targeting a brilliant marketing campaign, behind every great campaign are marketers who have spent years to learn and develop getting to the top of their game. The marketing, communications and advertising space would be nothing without highly skilled professionals to lead the way.

We’ve been lucky to be part of a journey to success with hundreds of marketers over the years and still chosen as the no.1 study centre for those who want to continue to develop professionally. And now, it’s an equally grateful position to be able to celebrate the excellent work the marketers develop on this island. Through training and development they have gained the knowledge and skills to make their organisations successful.

Next time you think about marketing maybe you can better understand that the effort that a marketer puts in never ends & that person in your marketing department is the reason people know who your organisation is and why your products are selling…

To read our article in the Belfast Telegraph on the Excellence in Marketing Award and to enter click here.

Entries close on 6th May.

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