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3 Top Marketing Roles For Successful Marketers

We all have those days where we ask ourselves what’s next. Our whole lives have been up and down recently so let’s take a moment to reflect on where your career can go. We want to highlight to you some of the top marketing positions that can be achieved in the UK & Ireland to demonstrate that 1) knowledge is power and 2) there is a ladder to climb!

The role of the marketing team, according to a recent publication from The Hartford, is to be the face of your company; reaching out to your audiences while creating “an overarching image that represents your company in a positive light.” Ok, so a bit of creativity is needed along with academia but let’s look at what these senior roles might involve.

Digital Marketing Executive: So, you’ve done your time. You’ve gained some experience and now you’ve started to move up. At the time of writing this blog a major NI firm was recruiting and these are some of the things they expected of the successful person; creating content including artwork across all online channels, manage communications, provide training & measurement of all the activities to ensure it’s all working. And what do you need to have to do all of this? 3rd level qualifications in marketing, professional qualifications in marketing & be able to demonstrate successes in e-marketing campaigns, social media activities, PPC and a whole host of other areas of marketing.

Avg UK salary: £20k-£35k (National Careers Service)

Marketing ManagerNow you know your stuff it’s time for you to step up and lead others. Managing the function of the marketing team plus a team of people to make sure your organisations goals can come to life. That doesn’t mean you stop learning but you’ve now reached a different type of learning and your mind is thinking more strategically. St James’ Palace Wealth Management have recently advertised for a Marketing Manager who “will need to be flexible and dynamic, have good stakeholder management skills, a can do attitude and have a good work ethic”. Along with their essential and desirable criteria, of course.

Avg UK salary: £25k – £55k (National Careers Service)

Marketing DirectorThis is your next step on the rung of marketing career progression. You are the BOSS! Campaign Live have kindly listed all the usual tasks a Marketing Director will be required to do. This is a very strategic role by which we mean you will be responsible for creating the marketing strategy for the whole organisation. It is your job to ensure the right audience sees the right thing and the right time and the £££’s all add up aswell. But great power comes great responsibility & usually great remuneration too. Avg UK salary: £55k-£100k (National Careers Service)

The consistent piece through all of these roles (and many more) is to continue to learn, you won’t just get the top job landed on your lap without putting the hours in. Fortunately helping marketers progress through learning is exactly what we can help with. Drop us an email if you’re ready to take the next step:

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